The following is a guide to some of the interpretations on how we use GameChanger in effort to

unify our stats across all teams.

Pitching & Catching I'm not going to go over the rules for pitching and catching, illegal pitches, or any other regulation for pitching or catching. Instead, I'm going to focus on they way we should be logging pitching and catching on GC and some common mistakes.


Similar to Hitting, make sure that we keep an accurate pitch count for both teams pitchers. So again, if you fall behind keeping score, please make sure you identify at least the critical points below that can affect a pitcher's stats.

  • Identify if the first pitch is a ball our strike. A FPS (first pitch strike) is actually a critical stat for pitchers in helping identify their success. GC has several categories under FPS; for example FPS: First pitch strikes, FPS%: First pitch strike percentage, FPSO%: % of FPS at-bats that result in an out, FPSW%: % of FPS at-bats that result in a walk, FPSH%: % of FPS at-bats that result in a hit.

  • Total pitches thrown per batter.

  • Total strikes and balls per batter. So if you fall behind and know a batter walked, but are not sure of the count, don't just log 4 balls. We track ball and strike percentages against total pitches thrown.

  • In the case of a third strike, did the batter swing or did they go down looking.


Similar to Hitting, make sure that we keep an accurate account of what types of hits our pitchers are giving up. There are several stat categories that can help a pitcher be more successful if they can better understand what types of hits they are giving up. For example, here are some of the stat categories that GC keeps for pitchers that we want to look at:

  • WEAK%: % of batted balls weakly hit (fly balls and ground balls)

  • HHB%: % of batted balls that are line drives or hard ground balls

  • GB%: % of all batted balls hit on the ground

  • FLB%: % of batted balls that are hit in the air


What's the difference between a WP (wild pitch) and a PB (passed ball)? We are to use the same principle when it comes to Errors and that means two things. (1) Ordinary or reasonable effort and (2) a player from the other team has to advance a base. WP and PB have their own column in GC and they also affect other stat categories like ERA.

  • Wild Pitch If the ball bounces on the ground before getting to the catcher (including hitting the plate), even if it bounces on the ground right at the catchers knees. Think of it this way, if first base has to scoop a close short hop out of the dirt for a play at first (and a player advances or is safe because of it) then it's an error on the thrower. An in-the-dirt pitch would be an error on the pitcher as a WP (again, only if a player from the other team advances a bad).

  • Wild Pitch If the ball is too high or off to either side so the catcher could not stop the ball using ordinary or reasonable effort.

  • Passed Ball If the ball gets passed the catcher but could have been stopped by the catcher using ordinary or reasonable effort.

NOTE: When we speak to the team / players and we discuss "errors", we should always add WP (which is an error by the pitcher) and PB (which is an error by the catcher) to the totals.