The following is a guide to some of the interpretations on how we use GameChanger in effort to

unify our stats across all teams.

Errors This one might give us all a headache by the time we are done going over what is and is not an error, but let's jump in. There are two defining elements we should remember before going over the examples below.

Number 1:  Ordinary or Reasonable Effort (ORE). Think "routine catch".

FYI: The ball touching the player's glove is not part of the definition of an error.

Number 2:  Did an offensive player achieve or advance beyond where they would have if the defensive had not committed the error. No advancement - No error.

FYI: If an error occurred during a play that did not result in a player gaining or advancing a bag... then there's no error.


  • Error If a fielder bobbles or drops or misplays a standard ground ball that should have been fielded using ORE.

  • Error If a fielder makes a misthrow to the receiving fielder who cannot catch the ball using ORE. This includes a cut off throw (include throwing the ball to the wrong cut off).

  • Error If a fielder receiving a throw misplays bobbles or drops a throw that should have been caught using ORE (the throw doesn't have to be at her chest, she should have a decent range at this skill level).

  • Error If a fielder takes the wrong angle to a ground ball or a fly ball that would have been easily caught had the correct angle been taken. (FYI - NCAA says this is NOT an error...discuss)

  • Error If a fielder mistakenly starts moving in the wrong direction (usually in the case of a fly ball) but must change direction to catch a ball that should have been routinely caught. (FYI - NCAA says this is NOT an error...discuss)

  • Error If a ball gets hit to a fielder and the ball goes between her legs with OR without touching her glove. 

  • Error If a fielder plays a fly ball and she puts her glove in the wrong place and completely misses the ball, as long as it should have been a routine catch.

  • Error If a fielder cause obstruction or interference resulting in award of bases to runners.

  • NO Error When a ball is misplayed because of being lost in the sun or lights, blown by the wind, or if the fielder slips and falls — even if contact is made with the ball.

  • NO Error When  a  catcher  attempts  a  pick-off,  and the runner does not advance.

  • NO Error When a runner returns safely to her original base on a rundown / pickle.

  • NO Error When  a  ball  is  hit  with  such  force,  so  slowly  or  with  erratic spin, that it would require more than ordinary or reasonable effort to play the ball.

  • NO Error When a fielder intentionally does not catch a foul fly ball to prevent a runner from advancing.

  • NO Error Hit balls that require a fielder to dive or that the fielder can barely get a glove on.

  • NO Error are charged when attempting a double play, as long as one runner is put out.


  • i.e. Error A batter hits a hard ground ball up the middle. The only girl able to play the ball with ORE is centerfield. The batted runner rounds first and looks. As the centerfielder comes in to play the ball, it hops over her glove and goes a few feet behind her. The batted runner then takes off for second and beats the throw...and is safe! This is a single with an advancement to second on an error by centerfield.

  • i.e. Error If the foot of a fielder comes off the bag during a force out allowing the runner to be safe. That's an error on the fielder as long as the throw didn't pull her off the bag and throw was there in-time to put her out.

  • i.e TWO Errors The batter bunts the ball. The catcher fields the ball and throws the ball at the feet of the first basement and she misses the catch allowing the runner to be safe. The right fielder comes in to back up first base but the ball bounces over her glove and the runner advances to second. The batter does not get credit for a hit (as long as the throw from the catcher would have gotten there in-time). Per GC there are two plays to log. The first is "Ball in Play" - "Bunt" - "Error" (assigning the error to the catcher). The second is immediately after logging that error, select the batter on first and advance her to second as "Safe" - "Fielding Error" (giving the second error to right field) before you log any other action.

  • i.e. Multiple Errors One Play As far as I can tell, you can only attribute one error per base gained. So if there were two errors on a girl stealing second, you can only attribute one error to the play because there was only an advancement of one bag. In this case (1) pick the error the was the direct cause of the runner being safe, OR (2) select the first error in the sequence.