The following is a guide to some of the interpretations on how we use GameChanger in effort to

unify our stats across all teams.

Base Running I'm not going to go over the rules for base running, leaving early, the look back rule or any other regulation for base running. Instead, I'm going to focus on they way we should be logging base running on GC and some common mistakes.


Just because a girl advances to another bag after her batted turn is complete, doesn't mean she "stole" a base. So lets cover the big ones:

  • What is NOT a stolen base:

    • When a girl advances to the next bag due to:

      • A wild pitch by the pitcher.

      • A passed ball by the catcher.

      • The ball hits home plate and gets past the catcher.

      • The catcher tries to pick her off while she's leading off her current bag and the fielder/catcher commits an error allowing her to advance to the next bag.

    • Runners at first and third. If the runner at third gets caught in a pickle for any reason and the girl on first decides to take second base after the pickle has started.

  • What IS a stolen base:

    • When a girl advances to the next bag on a pitch that the catcher is able to field using ordinary or reasonable effort regardless of a throw to the bag she is attempting to steal (see next bullet).

    • When a girl advances to the next bag and the catcher decides not to throw down, but could. If the catcher decides to hold the ball because her arm is sore, didn't get out of her stance fast enough, the runner got a good jump on her or is too fast, etc... the credit will go to the runner as a stolen base.

    • Defensive Indifference. You may or may not have heard of this. Think of a girl on first and third. During the pitch, the girl on first advances to second and the catcher doesn't throw to second because she doesn't want to allow the girl from third to score. NCAA and MLB have this rule, but it requires other factors to be considered a FC. I spoke with USSSA and they don't believe in defensive indifference in this case.... so if that happens, it IS a stolen base.

      • Runners at first and third. The defense tries a trick play throwing to short or second or the pitcher in an effort to trick the runner on third to take home. The runner going to second gets credit for a stolen base.

      • Runners at first and third. The pitcher throws ball four for the walk. If the runner on first made the attempt to steal second before the fourth ball was called (regardless if the catcher throws to second or not), the runner going to second gets credit for a stolen base.

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